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The Pocketdresser is the ultimate multi-Tool for portable dressing needs. The four primary Tools, large and small buttonhook, closed-loop buttoner and zipper pick all fold neatly into a pocket knife style handle and accommodate a wide range of button and zipper sizes.

Manufacturer: Pocketdresser ™

Material: All four Tools are manufactured from fully hardened 301stainless steel. They are tuff. All will flex slightly and maintain their original shape. All are extremely versatile. The large buttonhook is easily capable of buttoning new, thick, denim jeans. The closed-loop buttoner and small buttonhook are ideal for medium sized shirt buttons down to delicate, collar shirt buttons. The zipper pick, the most specialized tool of the group, functions not only as a zipper pull but also as a pick to pry out buried zippers tabs and undo knotted shoelaces.

No. Pieces: 1

Size: 4.3 oz

Shank: PD01-0N2 - Standard N-Abler™ Shank – 316 Stainless Steel

No Shank: PD02-0N2 – No Shank

Attach Site: N-Abler II™